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timeFrogII: v1.3 release

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This firmware marks a step towards hardware time control, with a best integration of the spinner-wheel, a refound of the internal and external synchronisms, and better triggering mode control.

Beta release will be available as soon the manual get ready!

Here a short preview:

In this firmware refund, focus was placed on ergonomy, synchronysmous and internal linkage.

Two main modes remain: PERFORM for live playing with strong versatility, and SEQUENCER for background lines and rythm research.

Basics features:

  • 32 slots to handle MIDI channels, notes, control change in a single way.
  • Multi slot trigger using the spinner-wheel.
  • 1-16 steps slot sequencer

Advanced features:

  • Sequencer scrub/start/stop using the wheel
  • Instant or delayed arpeggiator mode
  • Sequencer filling rules
  • Internal linkage of automation and sequencer allows multi-speed rythm making

  • external sync merging
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