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Richard Devine's first look at timeFrog
Short meeting, timeFrog demonstration and first use by Richard Devine. Raw video shooting and extracts.
El Morcif p3
Small part using timeFrogII, fw1.3, plus a bit editing using Abletoon. Remains tests, the beast is still sauvage
timeFrogs + 1 Ableton + 1 UndeadXG
Emmanuel de Barros live compositing. Three timeFrogs plugged on the same Ableton, Undead XG synth as unique audio output
The timeFrogII is a tool in the midway between the MIDI controller and the MIDI instrument. The purpose is to allow the user to sculpt command messages sent to ...
Mekanik Kantatik & timeFrog
a frog on a piano, controlling reaktor real time effects on audio inputs, 1.2ms of latency
October 8, 2011 : @ModularSquare
Open showroom at ModularSquare. Between other french manufacturers, presentation, perspectives and demos of the timeFrogII.
videos 1
Collection de vidéos d'utilisation du timeFrogII
TfII fw 1.32
Firmware 1.32, for timeFrog II: soft evolving arpegiation
timeFrogI code update
Firmware update available for timeFrogI devices: Notes and automates with old hardware version, a good approximation of what 1.3 for timeFrogII will be
timeFrog: upgrade procedure
Details for upgrade process
tfII fw 1.27
beta release, *sequencer enhancement slave and master sync [first page of the seq mode, number 0-3 on the right up corner:: 0: free mode as 1.26, 1: slave ...